COVID 19 Information for Parents & Carers

Holiday Clubs

We will be running a summer holiday club at Hursthead school only this summer.  This will be available to children who attend or will be attending Hursthead school.

Out of School Clubs

Our Clubs remain closed for now.

Unfortunately we can not confirm any new places for September, we are waiting for further Covid government guidelines to be finalised for wrap around care.  This will also very much depend on the school and the decisions they make for September. We are hoping for more information around the 4th of July.


All our nurseries are now open.

We are currently not taking viewings of our nurseries due to the Corona virus. Please see our virtual tours below.

Crescent Park


Thorn Grove

Dear Parents/Carers,

We have now met as a management team to discuss the guidelines that we need to put in place for re-opening the nursery in the week commencing June 1st.

We are members of the National Day Nurseries Association who provide us with all the government updates and announcements regarding the coronavirus outbreak and how this affects early years settings.

Following the NDNAs meeting with scientific advisors which included Prof.Chris Whitty the Chief Medical Officer, Sir Patrick Vallance the Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Jennifer Harries the DCMO and Allan Bennet from Public health England among others, Purnima Tanuku (head of NDNA) fed back to the early years sector.

The advisors on the panel were clear that their decisions are based purely on scientific evidence not Government policy. In the meeting the advisors went through some of the evidence around risk, what is known and what is not known about the virus. What was clear is that there is not a scenario where the risk from the virus can be ruled out entirely. However, there are much lower infection rates, clinical impact, and deaths among children than among adults.

Please click here for the scientific evidence and further explanation published by the Government for those of you who wish to read it. This document covers infection and transmission, the risk to different groups, testing, PPE and international comparisons.

Although we are clear that there is no such thing as a ‘no risk’ scenario it does seem to appear that risks to children in nursery are extremely low. This must be balanced against the risk of them unable to access vital care and education which includes socialising with other children.

As parents we realise you need to make your own decisions. Thank you to those who have already been in contact to let us know if your child is returning in June, July or that you are undecided.
We have put a plan in place for our nursery and will have a maximum of 50% capacity for June. This will enable us to put systems and risk assessments in place (please see below). We also have some staff unable to return at this stage because they are continuing to shield.

We will be open for staff from Monday June 1st, but we cannot accept children until Tuesday June 2nd. This will give staff a chance to return from furlough on the Monday, to deep clean the nursery and we can ensure all staff are given training in the new procedures and risk assessments. We would also encourage you to phone and speak to your child’s keyworker on the Monday so that transition from being at home and back to the nursery can go as smoothly as possible. We will initially open the nursery from 8am until 5pm, and the staff will remain on site to deep clean their rooms and equipment until 6pm.

We will contact all parents again at the end of June, so we can plan for the potential return of more children.

Please take time to read the guidance attached, so that we can ensure the safety of all staff and children.

The staff are obviously nervous, but they are also very excited to get back to what they love and to be reunited with the children. Thank you for your patience as we move forward. Please feel free to contact us if you have further comments or questions.

Kind Regards

Tina Kapp (General Manager)

Dear Parents and Carers,

We hope you are all well and that your children are looking forward to returning to school sometime soon. As you know this will be a different experience for your children and the school will need to make significant changes to their daily timetables to ensure that social distancing measures are in place and manageable.

It will take time to settle into and to review this new regime, ensuring that procedures can be implemented efficiently and that children are safe. Under these circumstances we feel that it would be unwise to attempt to run our out of school club, putting extra pressure on the school during this preliminary phase. It is however our intention to return as soon as we all feel it is safe and manageable to do so. We are in regular contact with the school and between us we will make a decision on when our club will re-open and expect to contact you again when the school has had a few weeks to settle down.

Similarly, our summer play schemes will only run if the schools are happy and if July has gone well with the introduction of the children into school. Further information will be provided when we know if we are definitely going ahead.

With Very Best Wishes

Yvonne Director

Elm Cottage Ltd – Riverside Mountbatten Way, Congleton CW12 1DY |


Class names and layout vary depending on setting

Risk Actions to Minimise Risk
Social Distancing in Nursery All staff will try to maintain a 2m distance between each other. Each room will be one hub, as there are less children. They will not come into contact with another room/hub. The children will not be expected to social distance. There will be less staff in the nursery, however ratios will be maintained at all times. No visitors will be entering the nursery.
Drop Off & Collection
No parents will be able to enter the nursery.
No cars will be allowed on the driveway.
Only one parent to drop off/ collect at one time, unless you have children in more than one room.
Between 8-9am and 4-5pm the access points will be as follows;
Dolphin children- Playground gate (Left side)
Starfish children- Right side gate
Little Fishes children- Front door
2m markings will be put in place- if these are full please wait in your car until space becomes available.
Any other times please use the front door- Hand sanitiser will be available on top of the intercom
No toys to be brought in from home (comforters/dummies are ok)
A staff member will collect your child at drop off and bring your child to you at pick up.
Feedback will be given via Tapestry for Dolphins and Starfish. Little Fishes will have a feedback slip in their bags.
We will telephone you if there are any important messages to convey.
If you have any important messages, please email or ring.
Child/Staff show Coronavirus symptoms
New continuous cough
High temperature
Loss or change to your sense of smell or taste
Any staff/children who are displaying symptoms or have a member of their household who is; should not enter nursery.
If staff or children begin to show symptoms whilst at nursery they will be sent home.
Whilst a child is waiting to be collected they will be separated from their group with a staff member to care for them. The staff member will have to wear PPE- A mask, gloves, apron and if there is risk of fluid to their eyes- they will wear eye protection.
The child will then need to be tested- You can ring 111 to book a test- this applies to all under 5’s
Negative result- the child can come back to nursery
Positive result- We will inform the whole group and they will need to isolate for 14days. If any of them display symptoms they will be able to get tested. (Other household members do not have to isolate unless the child develops symptoms)
All areas will be disinfected if a child has displayed symptoms.
Child/Staff Illness/Sickness If a child/staff member becomes ill our normal procedures will apply, unless they show Coronavirus symptoms.
Emergency Contact Details/Procedures You will be phoned immediately if your child is displaying Coronavirus symptoms.
Please ensure your contact details are in place.
Please can you also ensure that your emergency contact would be able to collect in the event of an emergency. This will be a last resort if we are unable to contact you.
Hygiene Practices All staff and children will wash their hands on entering the nursery
Handwashing will be embedded into the nursery routine and the children will be supervised.
Staff will encourage children to follow the ‘Catch it, bin it, kill it’ process when nose blowing.
Tissue bins will be disposed of more frequently.
Hygiene practices will be embedded using songs, stories and role modelling.
Antibac Gel will also be provided on the top of the intercom, to be used before buzzing your child’s room.
It is advised that children’s clothing is washed after a nursery day.
Cleaning Staff will be deep cleaning the nursery on Monday 1st before the children return on Tuesday 2nd.
All major touch surfaces for example: door handles, will be cleaned regularly throughout the day.
All resources will be cleaned before the end of the day or rotated to allow time to clean thoroughly.
Resources/Activities We will be ensuring that the children utilise the outdoor space as much as possible.
Dolphin children will have constant access to the playground and have access to the garden when the other children are inside.
Little Fishes and Starfish will stagger their outdoor times in the garden.
Little Fishes will access the garden through the front door and through the side gate, to avoid the other rooms.
All equipment will be cleaned between uses, at the start and end of the day.
Playground resources will be cleaned daily.
PPE Staff will not be expected to wear PPE throughout the day.
During care routines, normal use of PPE will be used.
Staff will only wear full PPE when they are caring for a child who is displaying coronavirus symptoms and is waiting to be collected.