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Joanne- Orrishmere Nursery

“My son is thoroughly enjoying his time at Elm Cottage Orrishmere and I would highly recommend it to anyone. The staff are absolutely fantastic and have a great relationship with all the children that they look after. They ensure that all the children are involved in activities and are considerate to the children’s feelings. My son has come on leaps and bounds with his speech since attending this nursery and we are very pleased with how is socialising much better with other children. I love all the artwork that he comes home with and we love to hear his stories about what he has enjoyed during his time at nursery. He’s always got a smile on his face when we pick him up and that tells me he is happy with his time there. We are confident in leaving our son in the capable hands of the staff here and the staff are extremely approachable and keen to tell us what our son has been up to whilst in their care! He absolutely loves playing football and always comes home telling us how many goals he has scored! We can’t wait to see what he learns next. ”

Maureen-Thorn Grove Nursery

“My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her time at Elm Cottage. Staff have shown great commitment and care. They have a warm friendly approach and commitment to understanding and supporting each individual child. From my daughters first nervous day to her last day at nursery I have felt comfortable and confident that she is being well cared for and supported to develop: socially, behaviourally and educationally. Nursery staff are very approachable, and always available to provide an update on her nursery day or to discuss any issues or concerns.

Staff show a real commitment in getting things right, in keeping children safe, supporting their development and creating fantastic learning opportunities. My daughter was able to take part in many lovely activities at the nursery: ballet, music, Spanish and sports, as well as trips out to CBeebies Land, Winter Wonderland and local trips. Food provided at Elm Cottage is excellent, homemade on site and very nutritious. Elm Cottage is a small, friendly nursery where staff are dedicated and go the extra mile in looking after the children in their care. As my daughter starts full time school and leaves nursery behind she leaves with many, many happy memories.”

Charlotte-Thorn Grove Nursery

“Excellent nursery! the staff are always friendly and helpful even at eight in the morning. My daughter loves it there and we have never had any problems or issues. Always plentiful with information on your child’s day. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to other parents or take any future children to Elm Cottage day nursery at Thorn Grove Primary School.”

J.Roe -Hursthead Club

“My son loves going to the breakfast club and after school club at Elm Cottage (Hursthead). The staff are great and always find time to play whatever activity he chooses, be it outdoor games, crafts, construction etc. I don’t know where they get their energy! They’re such a lovely team. The breakfasts provided are great and set him up well for the day. The range of activities is great too; there’s always something new to try out.”

Vanessa -Hursthead Club

“All the staff at the after school club work really hard to make the children feel safe and happy. They liaise closely with school to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible at the end of each day and they have gone over and above at every opportunity when working with my little boy for the last 2 years. I’ve only ever seen patience and kindness when he has interacted with any members of staff and he looks forward to going to every session. I really can’t praise them highly enough.”

Shibani-Thorn Grove Nursery

“My little boy has been at Elm Cottage Nursery full-time for the past four months since he was six months old. Before his settling-in sessions I was worried that I would be returning to work full-time and leaving my baby with a group of ‘strangers’ that he is unfamiliar with. However, as each session took place I grew more confident that he would be absolutely comfortable in their care and, of course, he has been. This has made my transition back into working life so much easier. Every lady working at the nursery (including Amanda the Chef and the ladies working in the Big Bears room) are incredibly great with him and it is clear that he feels at ease in their company. In particular, he has an amazing bond with his keyworker, Tonisha, who is definitely the apple of his eye!! When I drop him off first thing in the morning I do so in the knowledge that he is genuinely going to enjoy his day and have been so impressed with his development while in the nursery’s care. They have taught him to clap his hands and they have also encouraged and witnessed his first crawl – sometimes it can be disappointing to have not been the first to see these things but it is honestly such a relief to have such a lovely, dedicated bunch of staff there to support Loki’s development and to ensure that he has a reason to smile every day. It is clear both in the morning when I drop Loki off and in the evening when I pick him up that their brilliant standard of care extends to each and every child attending the nursery. I genuinely cannot wait to see how much more he is going to develop in their care in the next few years and would just like to say thank you so much for being there for him (and every other child) and for taking a load off my mind!”

Helen-Didsbury Road Club

“I have used the breakfast and after school clubs at Didsbury Road since my daughter began Reception aged just 4. I cannot recommend the team there, led by the amazing Sarah, highly enough. They get to know each and every child and make sure they are happy and occupied and it’s obvious they genuinely care. Poppy has never not wanted to go, only complained if picked up too early so she misses out on the fun.”

Vanessa-Thorn Grove Nursery

“My daughter has been at Thorn Grove Nursery since 9 months old and I can’t speak highly enough of the staff, they are such warm, caring practitioners and are genuinely interested in the children as if they were their own. They go out of their way to make sure all the children are nurtured and happy within the nursery environment and really get to know them as individuals.
The outside area has recently been updated and it’s a stimulating, exciting place to explore and encourage imagination.
My daughter has absolutely thrived here, her confidence has grown and she has been able to develop at her own pace with the love and care of the staff. All the staff get to know the children, not just those in the room and it’s a really friendly, family place. The home made lunches that Amanda cooks are excellent, very healthy with no junk food. This is also true of the snacks and breakfast for example, wholemeal bread instead of white. It is the very best start for young children to have and ensures healthy eating habits for life.
The staff are consistent and most of them have been here for several years. They work well as a team and this is evident in their practice. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Thorn Grove to other parents, they’re outstanding in all that they do.”

Sarah-Thorn Grove Club

“My children love going to after school club and attend Monday to Friday. They have fantastic relationships with the staff so feel happy and secure whilst at club. Activities vary and there’s always lots of choice. My daughter tends to do a lot of creative play, practices cheerleading with friends and does shows for staff, and also loves the hairdressing imaginative play. My son loves to play outdoors and will create an imaginative game with anything- staff always provide him resources to do this. Both, of course, have thoroughly enjoyed water fights and she after games in the recent hot weather. Staff have a lot of time for children and will support them to engage in play and their ideas. Staff know parents and children very well so you get a very person centred service. Very much home from home environment where all children seem happy and safe. If you ever have any niggles or worries as a parent, these are dealt with efficiently and effectively and staff regularly go over and above to ensure children and parents remain happy with club.”


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Kate- Orrishmere Nursery

“We’re so pleased with how our daughter is developing at Elm Cottage. As she has special needs, we were nervous about sending her to any nursery but the team at Elm Cottage have been amazing at accommodating these needs and meeting with her care workers to ensure they’re working together to achieve the best possible plans for her development. The communication from Elm Cottage is brilliant, I’m told exactly what my daughter has been doing each day, how much sleep she’s had and what she’s eaten. The food served at Elm Cottage is definitely better than home! I would recommend it 100% to anyone thinking of enrolling their children at Elm Cottage.”

Samantha -Hursthead Club

“I have used Elm Cottage at Hursthead for almost 10 years now.  Both my girls have thoroughly enjoyed their time at the club and it is not unusual for me to spend time waiting for my daughter to finish her latest creation before we can go home!  My eldest daughter was excited to return to the club to undertake work experience recently.  During this time, she saw the club from a different perspective and was impressed by how the team work together to create a fun but safe environment for the children. Lisa and the team are always looking to introduce new activities and games for the children.  The team are actively involved in games which the children love.  I know my girls have become very fond of the whole team.  I have always found the staff approachable, thoughtful and very supportive and I cannot thank them enough for taking such good care of my girls.  As a working parent, it is important to know that your children are happy and secure and I would highly recommend the club to any parent.”

Maureen-Crescent Park Nursery

“I just want to express how amazing Sara, Abbey, Lois and Gabby are. Since Keira joined in October last year, she has made a such a positive transformation and we could not be happier. She is soo much more confident and independent just to name a few attributes. All our friends and family are in awe and we are very proud to tell them Elm Cottage particularly all the girls in starfish room have been a huge part of this transformation. We know full well how hard and at times frustrating taking care of toddlers can be, yet the girls make it seem so easy and natural. We have observed how warm they are to not only Keira but also all the other kids. Always enthusiastic, smiling and very encouraging. No request is ever a bother or big deal to them, always happy to help at all times . Their professionalism and experience is something I don’t take for granted. Keira suffers with asthma and the past few weeks have been a constant struggle. In the past I would keep her home but the frequency of it reoccurring made it impossible for me to keep doing this. I explained this to the girls and they were very reassuring about being able to give Keira the inhaler when she needed it. More importantly Keira is always happy and content at the end of the day when I pick her up. My favourite part of the day is seeing and hearing what Keira has been up to and the girls are always very detailed in briefing us about everything she has been up to. They are also very genuine on the rare days Keira has struggled, this for me is very important. As much as it is nice to know when she is thriving it is very important to know when and the areas she struggles on so we can work to improve on them. I speak for us and am sure all parents, Lois Abbey Sara and Gabby, we really appreciate you and are very thankful for taking great care of our kids, your efforts don’t go unnoticed. Finally I just want say thank for incorporating Tapestry, my favourite app. Nothing beats seeing first hand what the kids get up to, it is absolutely priceless. Memories we will have forever thank you so much. We are very pleased to be part of the Elm Cottage family, all the staff members we have interacted with have been absolutely phenomenal, I have focused mainly on the girls in the Starfish room because those are the ones we interact with on a daily basis. We are incredibly proud and lucky to be part of such an awesome community.”

 Leanne-Orrishmere Nursery

“After a turbulent month or so with my son not settling with a new childminder we decided to give nursery a turn, and what a great choice we made. My son settled in really quickly, aided by the amazing staff that work here. They are so attentive and caring, really passionate about their jobs and really take an interest to each child individually. Always highly recommend this nursery to friends! The setting is lovely and always changing to different themes. They have great activities for the children to do, such as a dance teacher and Spanish lessons. Lovely lovely people.”

Colette-Crescent Park Nursery

“My daughter has been at Crescent Park since she was 9 months old – an unavoidable but nonetheless difficult decision. All the team couldn’t have made this transition for us more smooth. She absolutely loves nursery and we feel confident that she is loved and cared for by the whole team and has blossomed from the wealth of activities on offer every day. All the team know all the children – not just those in their immediate care and there is real staff continuity that clearly has a positive impact on the children. They also take time to get to know the parents; they will work to your routines (especially in the early days!), keep you updated on progress, any concerns and give you ideas about next steps or things to be doing at home – they take a real interest in each child’s development and well being. Starting our little one at Elm Cottage coincided with a very difficult time personally for us and knowing that support was there helped more than I think the team could ever know.”

Louise-Thorn Grove Club

“My daughter went to Thorn Grove nursery from the age of 12 months so it was a seamless transition for her into the out of school club when she started school. It was the same staff she saw at nursery who she loves and trusts. It really is a home from home where they can join in activities or have quiet time. All the children, whatever the age, play together and the older ones love helping out with the little ones by reading to them or helping them with their own reading. Some evenings I can’t get my daughter out of there….so Kim, Amanda, Emma and the others obviously do a great job!!”

Esther-Orrishmere Nursery

“I recently viewed the Orrishmere setting for my son Albert. I was blown away by the welcoming, enthusiastic team there. It was clear to see that the staff are so proud and passionate about caring for and teaching very young children. The environment was beautiful; it was a joy to see all the children engaged and busily choosing from the exciting variety of learning opportunities on offer. I left beaming, safe in the knowledge that my son would be very happy there. I am delighted to have secured a place for him, what a lucky little boy!”

Julie-Thorn Grove Nursery

“My children absolutely love their nursery and have bonded so well with all the staff so much so that when we’re on holiday my eldest asks to go back to nursery.  All of the staff have made such an effort getting to know my kids as individuals and what they like to do.  Its so reassuring to be able to go back to work and not only know that your children are safe but they are really happy too. My two have developed so much with the wide range of activities put on at Thorn Grove.  I would thoroughly recommend this nursery to anyone looking for childcare for their little ones.”

Kerrie-Thorn Grove Club

“I have used the before and after school clubs for many years now and have always found the care and support truly excellent.  They provide a wonderful environment and are fully committed to giving the children an educational and fun filled experience.  As a full time working mum Elm Cottage provide the peace of mind I need, I always know my son is being well cared for while he’s in their safe and very capable hands.  I would highly recommend to any parents looking for childcare, you can rest assured your experience will only ever be a positive one.”