Learning Journey & Ofsted


We follow the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage and plan activities and a curriculum based around the interests of the children. The framework sets the standards for the learning, development and care of children, from birth to 5 years old.

We provide quality resources and activities which are changed, extended and enhanced in order to provide an environment that has a significant impact on children’s level of engagement.

The children are given opportunities through ICT, problem solving, maths skills, imaginative and creative play, reading, mark making and physical activities on a daily basis and the planning for the environment encompasses both indoors and outdoors.

In addition, the children have extracurricular activities run by external providers and these include Spanish, Ballet and Movement and Football skills. We also arrange visits into the local community including, the park, the library, the pet shop, the cinema and theatre as well as Christmas and Summer outings.

We use workshops to support the children’s interests and learning such as visits from the dentist, police, fire brigade, the really wild show (a hands on experience with small animals and mini beasts), and a science interactive show. Each year in the Spring we care for eggs supplied by a local farm and look after the chicks when they hatch.

We have superb outside play areas and these are used constantly throughout the day to extend the children’s learning opportunities for example, more mark making opportunities, growing plants, large scale construction, large scale water play, large scale sand areas, mud kitchens, den making, small world habitats and more space for challenging physical activities.

Parents and Online Learning Journey

We are keen to work with you as parents/carers and keep you fully informed of where your child is up to. We use Tapestry as an online learning journey system which records your child’s development through photographs, observations and videos in relation to the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Each child has their own personal online learning journey which is password protected and you can access from a number of devices (IOS, Android and PC)

Tapestry will allow you to see what your child has been doing at nursery and also where they are at in relation to their learning and development on a regular basis.

You will receive updates when a practitioner adds a new entry to your child’s learning journey and you can then access and add your own comments. Parents have found Tapestry especially beneficial when their child is settling into the nursery or a new room and it provides a great tool for sharing observations at home and at nursery.

I just want say thank for incorporating Tapestry, my favourite app. Nothing beats seeing first hand what the kids get up to, it is absolutely priceless. Memories we will have forever, thank you so much.” Maureen, Keira’s Mummy-Crescent Park.

We also hold regular parent stay and play sessions, annual parents/open evenings, Christmas productions, sports days and a graduation ceremony. In addition for pre school parents we hold parents information evenings including, ‘Getting Ready to Write’, ‘Maths is Everywhere’ and a ‘Reading and Phonics’ evening. These are very hands on and interactive sessions and help you in knowing how to support and extend your children’s progress.

We work with Millie’s Trust regularly and are proud to also provide support for our parents/carers with evening paediatric first aid workshops across our nursery settings.


We are extremely proud of all of our Ofsted reports. Click here to review our latest reports.

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